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In Response To COVID19 Pandemic, 
Producer/Singer and Hidden Scars Founder Joel Floyd West relocates his Professional Home Recording Studio to his Birth Place of Mission Valley, MT to focus on sharpening his Production Skills and Prepare to write Hidden Scars Debut LP.


In Response To Recent Threats and Accusations, Lead Singer Joel Floyd West has started a petition to create Penalties for False Claims of Domestic Violence. It all started when a recent ex girlfriend came across the song lyric "Wish she were as beautiful on the Inside as the Outside" (West was pre-viewing the lyric for a future song that is currently in production) and responded by threatening West to spread false rumors that he attacked her. The pseudo-evidence she threatened to use was a cellphone video she shot of West showing frustration over being unwillingly video recorded and placing his hand over the lens of the camera phone, inspiring the following lyric "Emotional Breakdown....  Entertainment... you are the camera and the producer, and I am the Unwilling Star".


Hidden Scars is PROUD to announce our NEW Artist/Athlete Endorsement with FNX Fitness!
 Visit, Use Promo Code: FNXUwF2  for 15% off ALL PRODUCTS FOR LIFE! Joel Floyd West on his new partnership with FNX Fitness: "I want to finally lay to rest the Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll Burnout stereotype of the common 'rock star' and show people that Metal Music is the most physically AND mentally demanding genre of music known to our Modern World, and Aritsts such as Ourselves in Hidden Scars must double as Athletes to maintain longevity in this ever-changing, ever-growing Industry.:


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