Band Member Official Line Up - Announcement coming soon!

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

After months of grueling auditions, Hidden Scars founder and front-man Joel Floyd West gets ready to reveal the new members of the band!

Hidden Scars founder Joel Floyd West

When Hidden Scars Lead Singer/Songwriter Producer Joel Floyd West first birthed the idea of Hidden Scars in his mind, it was foreseen to be nothing more than a solo recording project. But as interest begin to grow among fans and musicians alike, the vision of bringing a live band on board and to the stage became more of a reality than a dream.

Not only has West decided to hire a full line up of professional musicians to re-enact the starter 4 song Demo(ns) Release from late October of 2017, but has also begin to collaborate musically with a new guitar player and drummer who's names will be released in the near future, along with the rest of Hidden Scars line up who will be due to hit the stage and start working on their debut EP this Summer of 2018!

Hidden Scars the band will not only be showcasing their talents and theatrical stage show in the Southwest Region of the U.S., but has plans start to venture far and wide with steady proficiency.

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