Hidden Scars Stage Plot and Tech Rider


A. Guitar Half Stack or Combo*
B. Bass Half Stack or Combo*
C. Power Outlet**
D. LED Par Can Light*
E. Backdrop - 7' High, 6' Wide, 2' Deep (requires at least 2 ft space behind drum kit)*
F. Drum Kit*
G. Drum Mics**
H. Guitar*
I. Bass
J. Keyboard/Tracks* (requires one Direct In Box**)
K. FX Pedals*
L. Monitor**
M. Mic w/Boom Stand (5 total)**

* Provided by Band
** Provided by Venue

Notes: Band is willing to share backline and/or use equipment provided by Venue or other Bands.


Stage layout may vary depending on stage size.

Offstage, Band requires a ten by ten foot space for prestaging lights and backdrop. Band requires a flexible amount of space for merchandise (roughly 6x6') but can vary depending on space.

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